Every place is an original

Fairmont Hotels & Resorts is a collection of luxury resorts that truly reflects the essence of each destination. Guests can anticipate an authentic reflection of each destination’s energy, culture and spirit; whether it’s an exotic tropical beach, a snow-covered mountain or a dynamic metropolitan cityscape.

A leader in the industry

Everything you need to know about the level of luxury here is in the name – Fairmont. Fairmont is a collection of award-winning hotels and resorts with a portfolio as diverse as it is vast. World renowned offerings include The Savoy in London and The Plaza in New York City. Fairmont also boasts premier hotels in Scottsdale and Chicago, fabulous resorts in Canada, Hawaii and Monaco, and even Safari Clubs in Kenya. Among them is the Fairmont Makkah, a beacon of pilgrims which stands at the Holy City.

From its inception, Fairmont has prided itself on offering the absolute finest in luxury service and hospitality. This philosophy combined with outstanding locales, made Fairmont a second home to a parade of those seeking the finest experience in luxury.

Featuring a collection of fabled castles, secluded lodges, famous meeting places and modern retreats -Fairmont opens the doors to the world’s most celebrated addresses -promising travelers unparalleled settings, rich experiences and lasting memories. Through it all, you will be treated to the warm service that you have come to expect from Fairmont Hotels & Resorts.

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Stay Informed

    *Fairmont Marina Residences Abu Dhabi project is available for UAE nationals only